Monday, May 7, 2012

I am a cat, a cat named Monkey. As a rescue cat, my heritage is uncertain, but I believe I have some Siamese ancestors, and this is due to several factors:
  • I am highly verbal--and also highly intelligent. How many cats do you know who have blogs with near-perfect punctuation and diction? I do not speak "I haz cheezburger." (See I Can Haz Cheezburger link)
  • I have tiny fur points at the tips of both of my ears. (Aren't they cute? I think so.)
  • I find I'm drawn to one person in my household, and she is helping me create this blog. (See her WVC homepage. ) NOTE: She is NOT a "crazy cat lady."
  • I'm irresistible. 
  • I enjoy making proclamations from the kitchen table. (Isn't that a Siamese cat thing?)
 For information on Siamese Cat traits, please visit the Features of Siamese Cats and a Bit of History site. Note that I do not endorse purchasing purebred cats or dogs, nor do I claim to be a purebred. I'm a hybrid! 

Animal Rescue is the way to go!!

So here are two of my baby pictures:
 Youthful Yawn on the Sun Porch

 How cute am I?

And here's me now: 

 This is my modeling head shot.

 Although some friends have misrepresented me by dubbing the photo above "Demon Cat," this is actually me headbutting the camera, because I needed more attention at that particular moment. 

I think this shot captures my sense of humor. Are you starting to see why my name is Monkey?